In IURE (2023)

This is an special space focused in the “El Barrio’s Art Space” (NY) collective exhibition in which I participate in collaboration with ArtCuestion gallery (Ourense, Spain). Herein you will find some extra explanations concerning the artworks included in the exhibition. 

All of you are also invited to explore this web site to discover different proposals and projects focused in the Art and Science hybridisation, which is my principal area of interest. 


In IURE, the name of the project here presented, relates the last days of the living beings in the Ser’s world. All deities and gods, which govern all the territories and that were long time venerated, has turned their back to humans and other beings and have started a war to establish a new order. Now, the only way for salvation is to meet Soac, the lord of the underground kingdom.

The In IURE’s project will published in a book that will be illustrated with the artworks that are exhibit here. The book will represent the second part of a trilogy in which the decline of goods and living beings is related.

The first book, that was named TeAgonía (at the moment only available in Spanish) describes the inicial scene in which the natural world is in decline and the ancient government guided by Caos, the lord of the lineages, has his days numbered. 

Hopefully the new book In IURE will be published during 2024. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me. 

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La ignómita

In the last moments of the TeAgonía book (first part of this trilogy), Humánico dies due to the Serpens’ kiss. The beings of the Akantia lose the direction of their lives and are forces to migrate.


La Ignómita

In the last moments of the TeAgonía book, Humánico was


Humano relator

From the bottom of the eternal slopes of the Atavia, the human narrator observes the crowd. In his hands, the Impavida’s head



He records the life and death of beings. Everything is written by him. He make that everything becomes infinite. 


Vípero y Clástica

Vípero and Clástica march in the column of the north. They feel an special connection between them. Both are aware that an important role in the fight against the traitor god is eating for them.


Glutánica y Urnat

Glutánica, of incomparable beauty, is attracted by the young Urnat. From this attraction will be born the alliance necessary to cross the lands of Taranis.


Precium y Xenófita

The submissively Xenófita belongs to the warriors who follow Precium. She do not realise that the young god makes her lose her divine essence and gradually turns her into a human



After the battle of Aril, Soac, the ruling titan of the Inframia, comes to the great door of his palace to speak to the beings.



Precium and Glutánica provoke the battle of Aril at the Inframia’s entrance (the AresNeros). Thousands of beings will die. Clástica, pregnant with Vípero, and the Humano relator pray to Soac for help.